Penny Consulting has experience working across a diverse portfolio of projects and offers services in the following areas;


Through working with government agencies and industry players in the UK and Australia, we have developed sound and creative ways for developing bespoke and defined strategies. We identify initial risks and challenges we foresee, proposing practical steps to mitigate these risks and seek opportunities where we can. We paint a clear picture for key decision makers to be fully informed in making the right decisions for the project (client).


Penny Consulting’s key strength lies in its interface management capabilities, we have an innate ability amongst our team to capture internal and external interfaces to projects, identify their inter dependencies and manage any associated risks. We manage our interfaces through our relationships, showing mutual respect for the respective interfacing projects.


With the extensive engineering experience within Penny Consulting we seek to create and/or support assurance measures in line with our client’s systems and processes. Developing deliverables in line with frameworks to support successful stage gate reviews and progress to the next stages of the design life cycle.


Using a range of traditional and more modern systems and processes to manage infrastructure projects, we approach all projects and/or programs with a level of Emotional Intelligence that allows us to form genuine relationships enabling us to meet our stakeholders and clients where they are to get the optimum result for the project/program. We provide strategic advice in setting up clear governance frameworks and controls to manage projects effectively and efficiently.